11 December 2006

Matadon @ El Rio, 12.10.06

The last show of OH!Six for Matadon. The El Rio rocked. Great venue. Small, cool backyard area. The Invasion opened up and were fucking awesome, but Matadon, I will have to say were the shit. Surprise. Very tight set.

One of the hardest things when you're photographing live shows, is that sometimes (or most of the time in my case) you just want to stop and enjoy the music so you don't end up shooting too many frames. I kept having to stop, put the camera down and just tap my toes till the end of the jam. The way the boys were set up, Key Man kept blocking any good angles of Dave. That's what happens with drum sets, mics and lead guitarists...limited photo ops. That and Dave is like a flurry of hands and sticks, so fast I'm lucky if the camera can focus fast enough. Much like this guy:

It's alright though. I am very pleased with how the shots that I've posted below turned out. Besides, there's always another Matadon show around the corner.


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